Learn how to succeed when everything pushes back on you.

Learn what to apply in your life to get the fitness results you desire.

Surround yourself with good inflows of positive information if you want to level up in your health and in your life.

Join us as we speak with Martin Mcloughlin owner @extremefitnesstraining a fitness professional & gym owner from PA.
Take notes and be ready to apply them!

We welcome guest Calvin Wayman for this great episode of Health & Fitness Mastery.
Listen in to Calvins journey and how he’s overcome his deepest fear!

EPISODE 2: In this episode you will learn these principals and strategies:

  • How Calvin used his physical accomplishments to fuel his goals
  • How to always make progress even when you feel like you’re done
  • Using failure as a tool and guide for goal crushing
  • Turning complacency into success
  • Overcome limiting beliefs

Calvin is the author of “Fish Out Of Water”
Find it on Amazon/Audible or visit www.CalvinWayman.com
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