Learn how to succeed when everything pushes back on you.

Learn what to apply in your life to get the fitness results you desire.

Surround yourself with good inflows of positive information if you want to level up in your health and in your life.

Join us as we speak with Martin Mcloughlin owner @extremefitnesstraining a fitness professional & gym owner from PA.
Take notes and be ready to apply them!

Join us in this episode presenting Joe Hanna Integrative Rehab and Movement Specialist at Unshaken Performance.

We spoke about understanding the body and how it functions as well as integrating physical methodologies in order to improve mental faculties.

Have pen and paper ready to write notes as well as take away some actionable steps you can implement today!


Welcome to the very 1st episode of Health & Fitness Mastery Podcast!
Your #1 source for learning the principles, tactics and stategies that professionals use in their daily lives to Master their Mind, Body and Health!

Join me and one of my best friends; Quentin Dixon in this very informative episode as we discuss proper hormone balance in the body, exogenous hormones and learn from Quentins personal journey balancing and regaining full control of his health.

Be ready to take notes and enjoy!

Hello everyone and welcome to the Official Website Health&Fitness Mastery Podcast!

You are in the right place!

HFM is a dedicated platform for current, sound, and actionable information for individuals interested in mastering their mind, body and health!

This is NOT for you if…
you are looking for a “quick fix.”
you are looking for results WITHOUT work.
you are unwilling to be honest with yourself.
you are unwilling to workout and be active.
you are unwilling to push yourself out of your comfort zone.
you think you’re too busy to take care of your health.

This IS for you if…
you are ready to commit fully to your overall health.
you are ready to level up.
you are tired of not seeing results.
you have an open mind and are willing to learn.
you are willing to immediately take action on what you’ve learned.
you are a professional and want to discover new perspectives and tactics.

you are prepared to CHANGE YOUR LIFE

I encourage you to take notes feel free to reach out with any questions you may have.
Enjoy & be well!

A story of HUGE proportions is no exaggeration when you hear the gritty story of Mario Colao. Smoker/drinker/unhealthy/lost turned motivational author, speaker and workout enthusiast

Episode 3: What you will learn in this episode:

  • The essential principles for a total life transformation
  • What it takes to overcome a dark past
  • Learn to deal with anxiety and depression
  • Tactics to maintain a healthy mindset before achieving a big goal

Mario is the author of 2 books!
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We welcome guest Calvin Wayman for this great episode of Health & Fitness Mastery.
Listen in to Calvins journey and how he’s overcome his deepest fear!

EPISODE 2: In this episode you will learn these principals and strategies:

  • How Calvin used his physical accomplishments to fuel his goals
  • How to always make progress even when you feel like you’re done
  • Using failure as a tool and guide for goal crushing
  • Turning complacency into success
  • Overcome limiting beliefs

Calvin is the author of “Fish Out Of Water”
Find it on Amazon/Audible or visit www.CalvinWayman.com
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